September 25, 2009

Top Story...Hollywood Incest


It's my fault, I stayed home and watched TV. I was a stupid American. I occasionally like to get some utility of my apartment and TV other than a place to sleep and shower. Most nights I am hitting mics, hanging with friends or working at Lovitz.

I stayed home....wasn't really looking forward to it, but needed a night off. It was Thursday, and as much as I hate TV, I can't resist the Office and Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm warming to Community and Parks/Recreation (loved to see Louie on there)Photobucket.

Of course before the sitcoms they force feed the celebrity horseshit. And Thursday's special was 80's teen sex icon, Mackenzie Phillips, was molested by her hippie songster father, John Phillips, of the Mamas and Papas. I truly am sorry to hear that, if true.


NEITHER ARE CELEBRITIES!!! Granted they WERE Celebrities, but this is 2009. Yes, they have been on TV, magazines and everything. If someone told me Mackenzie Phillips is going to be on Letterman, I wouldn't care. If someone tells me Tina Fey, Talib Kweli, or Green Day is on, I'll likely watch. She wasn't the story, the molestation was the story.

It's a sad statement that is the only way to get your name out. If a 40 year old female that lived her whole life in Iowa had a molesting father that worked as a plumber wrote a book, NO ONE WOULD CARE.

Second part was, I couldn't help but feel this was a pitch to buy her book. I am jaded and cold, but I am also very intelligent. Why don't people be forthcoming with their true feelings and emotions when there is no payoff involved.

(That being said, I'm a comic and would love to have you come to one of my shows.)

Watching this on TV reminded me of rubber-necks that witness traffic tragedies daily on the freeway, and just slowly look at it as they pass. People don't pull over and try to help (change a tire, check to see if people are OK) they just mosey on and have a small sip from a warm cup of schadenfreude..

I am not being heartless, I am being real.

Finally, is the man has been dead for 8 years...He can't defend himself from these allegations. It's just a messed up thing to have that be the top match when someone googles his name.

George Carlin had a classic line about a priest scandal that filed suit after 30 years...."If it was that long ago, and you still remember, It couldn't have been that bad"

I won't be surprised if this gets her on next season's Dancing With the Stars, where she is the sentimental favorite.

I'll be even less surprised if that was the original intent.

By no way, am I condoning any of the alleged actions. I am solely offering my jaded and likely hypocritical opinion of it. Child molesting is not funny, and if you have been a victim seek help...seriously

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