November 19, 2009

A Real Cowboy, Keith Toston....

I don't get into heroworship when it comes to athletes, but I will make an exception. Luckily, this guy went to my alma mater, Oklahoma State University.

Keith Toston has been the Epitome of COWBOY UP!

He came in with alot of hype, got some early PT, but fell behind in the depth chart to Dantrell Savage and Kendall Hunter.

What did he do? He kept Grinding, and Grinding and Grinding....

He didn't pout, he didn't transfer, he didn't become a cancer.

We are 8-2, and 5-1 in the Big 12, and a MAJOR EFFING REASON is Keith Toston, we relied on our 2nd string tailback to carry us through games and get us wins against Tech, Iowa State, Baylor, and Mizzou.

If we had 50 Keith Tostons on the roster, we would be an unstoppable team. We would also have too many running backs on the roster.

Cowboy up

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