December 23, 2009

Don’t call us, we’ll call someone else.

A lot of comics think I will book them based on clever conversations we have on Facebook or whatever. I can appreciate optimism.

I will give credit, sending a Youtube or a FunnyOrDie link is better. But, I don’t do webcast shows. I am not sure if many comics realize it. I am not a television producer, I am not a movie maker, I do produce live stand-up comedy shows.

I know demo reels can be doctored edited all that stuff. I would rather watch you live. Here’s an idea, invite me to a live show. Or go wherever I am, I am a fairly easy guy to find. I’m not Waldo. I’m not Jon Gotti. I’m not Keyzer Soze.
Open mics I frequent:

Tuesday: Amsterdam Café
Wednesdays: Pig N Whistle
Thursdays: Sunset Grill or Comic Bug
Friday: Sunset Grill or UCB Theater or Amsterdam Café
Saturdays: Icehouse (Afternoons)
Sunday: Comedy Store or Lovitz

I am not promising to be anywhere. I don’t owe many people anything. If you’re funny, I’ll find time for you. If you’re not I’d suggest talking to somewhere where you may fit better.

I don’t lie, and I won’t try and bang you….unless you’re a Samoan male with perfectly trimmed eyebrows, a rugged appearance, and know Kenny Loggins entire catalog by heart…That was a joke.

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