December 18, 2009

You can find me in Da Pub Mama....Pocket Full of Dub...

OK, So first of all, did anyone bother to ask 50, what the hell a pocket full of dub was. None of my black friends could make a good logical reasoning out of it. And all my white friends, (well the ones that like hiphop) were too chickenshit scared of sounding condesending to ask what that mumbling, target practice-torsoed, bullet magnet monkey was saying.

If you get shot 10 times, you likely deserved some of the lead.

And no not all black people are monkeys, but you are a racist when a black person looks like a monkey and you don't point it out.

I suppose it's the charm of being almost killed, somewhat charismatic, relatively goodlooking. Suburban wannabes won't do anything that would make them feel whiter than they already are to ask, "What a pocket full of 'dub is."

Always brilliant to start a blog off on a sidenote.

I went to a nightclub recently, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I went because I had girls in from out of town, and I have a hookup at a rather posh nightclub in tinseltown.

It wasn't as bad as I thought, mainly because I bypassed the line with the guestlist, and got to avoid that collection of narcissistic optimistic sexual deviants who were wearing their best "fuck me" clothes. I don't have the need for acceptance or attention. I am in love, and don't really care for the attention getting mode.

I am not sure if Ed Hardy has a scent, perhaps a staler version of Teen Spirit mixed with desperation, and the mint leave from a $12 Mojito. But that was the vibe I got. Lots of grinding foreshadowing the future regret.

I went with a friend, and fellas, if you ever want a great wingman at a club Brian Swineheart is your boy. He was pulling numbers from the parking lot. I'll get more in depth on this later.

Anyways, had a nightclub experience and it wasn't God-awful, but if you do that Hollywood nightclub shit every weekend, you're soul will be devoured like Tiger Woods' legal fund.

I like to drink, but I'd much rather have a pub over a club anyday. I like people that consume beer and nachos, not fake compliments.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Nice to be in a place where you can actually get to know people via conversation rather than be forced to shout over some stupid song with Onomatopoeia as its lyrics (see: Boom Boom Pow). And buying the girls enough drinks to have sex with you doesn't bankrupt you either.

    If Patrick Ewing isn't proof of evolution, I really don't know what is.