December 29, 2009

Don't "get" your Day Job...

It's inevitable when you get a new job, and you deal with someone who you have to tell the new contact, "I replaced Johnny" and they retort that you must because Johnny was a fuckup....

That jackass on the phone has been fired from multiple gigs for fucking up.

Americans hate their jobs, we grew up wanting to play point guard for the Lakers, guitarist for Motley Crue, hotshot lawyer that tells a judge to suck it, yet still win the case.

You had false hope too many people reinforcing your dreams with structures of balsa wood, too many pass/fail classes at some pussy liberal arts school.

You thought you would make it, you didn't; you took a job settling for less, you take a job short term to get you buy until you are doing what you want, before long you've been there long enough to be vested in the 401k profit sharing. It's almost enough motivation to make you care..."Lehman Brothers does well, I'll do well too" whatever....

You cope, you start drinking coffee, lots of it. Coffee to get you by so you can justify rolling ot of bed for a substandard wage to buy the shit you don't need, and mistakenly try to impress the friends that you don't have.

Coffee has replaced religon as the opiate of the masses. I grew up in Oklahoma, and there is a church on every corner, and even in my backwater peniswrinkle of a town, there are 2 starbucks on those same street corners.

Want to see the influence of coffee?? Go to a manufacturing plant, and demolish the coffee machine with a ball peen hammer.

By the first union sanctioned break, the foreman will be hung from the rafters, fully gutted; any marketable body parts will have been harvested and sold with a paypal reciept in a dockworker's hand by from Ebay.

So yeah, I've had a few shitty jobs.


  1. I stopped drinking coffe and now I like my job more. How did that happen??