April 21, 2009


There is a website called WhoRepresents.com for agents/managers; It's to find which celebrity is repped by whom. Could be useful.

It could also be spelled WhorePresents.com

That's all nothing else funny, at this time.

April 15, 2009

Love Comedy, Comedians notsomuch

So the last few days have been hilarious, not in that, great gut-busting laughter way; But in the way that someone's house fire can be entertaining.

There are too many comics in LA, we may outnumber the Mexicans. However, the Mexicans provide some material for comics, other comics just provide angst for comics. I noticed that the outside of an open mic looks a hell of a lot like the parking lot at Home Depot.
If you have a 5 minute open mic, do 5 minutes, "What was I gonna talk about..." means you need to practice and go freaking last. or end your set. There is shame in ending a set early, I've done it before; There should be punishment for making the audience watch you on life support; If you are horrible, you should at least figure it out.

It's uncomfortable for me to have to tell you. Last of all, being a comic doesn't make you immune to social mores; It just means you have an immediate copout....

In other news, I am proud of walking away from an ugly situation, and making it less ugly; Now I am going to pay my taxes, enjoy a light, and mail a teabag to Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. I am just dead tired with LA, I am about to get self-centered, jaded and ugly, good times....When in Rome.