November 11, 2010

This post is gay

I truly don't give a shit about some of the gay issues in the media these days. I am in fact patting myself on the back, because I no longer have cable TV so I don't watch the slop that passes for news. One of the things I hear about ALL the time are the gay issues.

I don't know if this was part of the all out blitz by the Republican party to take back the Congress. To me, It's a mysteriously polarizing issues. I work with many gays, through my dayjob and in comedy. Chances are they don't want to fuck you.

Walking through life being afraid of people is not attractive to anyone. Granted in a prison situation, yes raping the homophobe may be attractive, but I personally won't end up there until Los Angeles makes parking tickets a criminal offense, in lieu of a way just to fuck with the general populace.

I don't consider bullying of gays a problem. I consider bullying of anyone to be a problem. Yes, It's unfortunate that people feel the need to section off and go for the weak. Yet animals do it all the time.

And yeah some of the weaker psycholgicaly people will take the lead sandwich, chances are they were just looking for a reason to do it. People are assholes, and teenagers show little restraint. Water is wet, the sky is blue, and NBA'ers bang blondes. I wish it wasn't true, but let's not polarize and just protect gays from the failures at life. Let's work on society.

Gay Marriage, I don't give a shit. I don't plan on getting married. nor am I gay.

It's like NHL highlights during Sportscenter. I am not Candian, I don't ice skate. All you are doing is interrupting any chance I could have to watch Oklahoma State football highlights.

I think gays should be treated just like everyone else. let them do the will stuff, the insurance stuff, and let them be as lame as all the married straight couples I know. If someone is adament about stopping gay marriage, here is the best you can do....Don't marry a gay person.

I do chuckle about gay adoption. I ruined a pair of pants one time when I heard a newscaster say, Gays rearing children.....yes I'm 12.

Gays in the military is a hot topic for republicans. If they were as fiscally responsible as they claim to be, and not into policing the world. Our soldier supply wouldn't be in such a dire need.
I think Don't ask, don't tell was righ for the 90s , and showed that homophobes can serve alongside gays. However, now that the cat (or cock...heh) is out of the bag, per se. We should treat these cats that serve our nation just like anyone else.
I am surprised that so many of them are OK with being dressed alike though. (yeah that was kind of a weak one)