January 18, 2010

Not Closing Doors, Not Waiting on Porches Either

Shit has been cool.

I've been dealt two hits of bad news, but it is rolling right off my back. I jknow it sounds gay as hell but it's like that TI/Rihanna song, "Got no time for no haters; 'cause I'm a paper chaser"

I won't get into the specifics, but if the first person I am willing to open my heart to in 13 years disses me (twice), I should be sad. I'm not. I'm disapointed, but I will be more than happy to keep the razors in the medicine cabinet.

Secondly, a club I helped open, poured my heart and soul into; got them so much credibility with comics in Los Angeles gives me "the Conan O'Brien", and expects me to roll with it. No Thanks. I appreciate the opportunities. But, I wasn't going to screw my friends out of stuff.

Basicly there are other women in LA, and there are other clubs in LA. I am not saying both will fail without me. But given past histories, I think my truly good heart would help either situation.

But I have a mother Theresa side that comes to the aid of entities that need it.

I realized it when I did a strong set in a club that wasn't home turf. In fact it was one I bombed at before. I am pretty good now I guess.

As far as femmes. Fuck 'em. I don't need one, but if one is around that has their head on, and the chemistry is right. I am open to anything.