August 27, 2009


I am disgusted by the plethora of tranny prostitutes in my neighborhood. Technically, they are not in my neighborhood, but they are about a mile north and/or west of my enclave. It's quite an anomaly, It's like all of them are six foot tall, skinny black guys. I like to pretend it's the Lakers wearing the outfits of the groupies they just banged. Some sort of roleplay gone astray.

On occasion, there is a white one that always disgusts me, not as a racial thing, it's just their pimple face is much more prominent on fairer skin. Luckily, I only see them at night. I supposed it could sound racist, I just don't see many of the trannies out in the sunlight.

I find it weird that females are so sympathetic to the trannies. I think they should be insulted, because most of them I have seen are just into the dicksucking business. I do realize that all transexuals, just like all women, are not prostitutes. I do know some legitimate transexuals who are not selling themselves. To hear abouthe rest of on.

I would find it highly insulting if a guy went to all that trouble to try and capture the essence of femininity and all they wanted to do was blow cock. They do all the maintenance: heels, shaving, tits, ass, make up, etc.

Want to be a waitress? Naah I'll suck a dick

Want to teach pre-school? Naah, I'll suck a dick

Want to answer phones in an office? Naah, I'll suck a dick.

Naturally, I don't understand trannies prostitute, I don't understand women either.