January 4, 2011

Sappy Lew Year

OK So i feel like a piece of me has been removed, which normally would be traumatic, but my cancerous negativity has been replaced by recent events.

My new year started off in fine form. In fact I'll back track even further.

I was back in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, I met a cool chick at a bar. I charmed her with my yelling at the TV during the Bedlam loss (Damn you Landry Jones!!) I got her number we hit off her, so yeah that was cool.

Then I team up with two really skilled, smart and savvy comics to put togather one of the best shows anyone in LA had seen. I got to showcase a few of my younger comics along with four legitimate headlining comics (Sam Tripoli, Bil Dwyer, Jerry Rocha and Marianne Sierk. The house was packed, we sold tickets, we were able to pay the comics...amazingly rare that this happens in LA.

The girl from Oklahoma came out to LA for New Year's Eve. We hung, I showed her LA, and got to give her a kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve…Cool, but even cooler when I add that we were at a dope party in Silverlake and had an awesome view of the fireworks from Dodger Stadium.

Yesterday, I was off work from my day job, and had like a Hollywood day, the kind of day I dream about.

I did some newspaper interviews via phone for some upcoming shows. I booked some shows for February. I was able to do a favor for a very talented comedienne who will appreciate it.

And then I found out I am booked for a TV show, small appearance, but enough to get my SAG voucher.

It’s finally happening…I am at a loss for words, and I am ready to get uncomfortable and take the next million steps.

I’ll try and not be a douche, but I hope I am ready.

I had a show at the Comedy Store last night, and somewhat fell flat, but I didn’t care. I know I am talented and am excited about this opportunity.
A guest of mine walked with me on my way out the back patio, and was impressed with all the comics reaching out to say hey.

Awwww Fuck, I’m starting to like LA. I must be sick